BSc Business Economics

UCAS Code: L113

Entry Requirements

Course Aims

  • Offers an opportunity for students with a quantitative background to study economics and business economics in an applied setting.
  • Is designed for those of you who wish to build on the foundation of a Mathematics A-Level, or equivalent.
  • Combines training in economics and business economics with the study of statistics, statistical modeling and forecasting.
  • Gives valuable skills in numeracy, IT, communications and problem solving.
  • Provides a portfolio of business economics and quantitative skills which gives a strong foundation for specialist careers in economics and business or for further study at graduate level.
  • Offers an excellent preparation for careers in areas of business, management, finance, and accountancy as well as quantitatively orientated careers in economic and business research, statistical forecasting and econometrics.

Course Modules

For students entering 13/14*

First Year

Semester 1Semester 2
Microeconomics 1 Macroeconomics 1               
Calculus and Optimisation Linear Algebra 
Probability and Probability Distributions Statistical Inference

Second Year

Semester 1Semester 2
Intermediate Microeconomics 1 Intermediate Microeconomics 2
Intermediate Macroeconomics 1 Intermediate Macroeconomics 2  
Econometrics 1 Econometrics 2
Game Theory Principles of Finance 

 Third Year

Semester 1 - Core Modules Semester 2 - Core Modules 
Econometrics 3 Corporate Finance and the Capital Market
Business Management and Strategy Applied Econometrics Project
Managerial Economics Accounting
Semester 1 - Optional Modules 
One optional module chosen from: 
Semester 2 - Optional Modules 
One optional module chosen from:
Advanced Microeconomics  Advanced Macroeconomics 
International Finance Investment Management
Financial Derivatives Government Intervention in the Economy 
Management Science Mathematical Finance
Economics of Education
 *Please note that the above modules may be subject to change.

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