The Department of Economics at the University of Leicester is a generalist department, with particular strengths in three areas: game and decision theory, applied microeconomics and microeconometrics, and monetary policy and banking.

For further details on individual members of the Department, please consult our faculty profiles.

Recent Publications

  1. Hargreaves-Heap, Shaun, David Rojo Arjona and Robert Sugden, 2014. “How Portable is Level-0 behaviour? A Test of Level-k Theory in Games with Non-Neutral Frames”, Econometrica, 82, 1133–1151. 
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  7. Varvarigos, Dimitrios and Maria Jose Gil-Molto. 2014. “Endogenous market structure, occupational choice, and growth cycles”, Macroeconomic Dynamics, forthcoming
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  10. Myatt, David and Chris Wallace, 2014. "Central Bank Communication Design in a Lucas-Phelps Economy", Journal of Monetary Economics, 63, 64–79.
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O’Hare, Jim, 2013. Analysing Financial Statements for non-Specialists, Routledge

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