The Department of Economics at the University of Leicester is a generalist department, with particular strengths in three areas: game and decision theory, applied microeconomics and microeconometrics, and monetary policy and banking.For use on Research Degrees homepage

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2014 Selected Publications

  1. Sergio Currarini and Francesco Feri, 2014. "Information sharing networks in linear quadratic games", International Journal of Game Theory, forthcoming.
  2. Hargreaves-Heap, Shaun, David Rojo Arjona and Robert Sugden, 2014. “How Portable is Level-0 behaviour? A Test of Level-k Theory in Games with Non-Neutral Frames”, Econometrica, 82, 1133–1151.
  3. Myatt, David and Chris Wallace, 2014. "Cournot Competition and the Social Value of Information", Journal of Economic Theory, forthcoming.
  4. Bose, Subir and Ludovic Renou, 2014. "Mechanism Design with Ambiguous Communication Devices", Econometrica, 82, 1853–1872.
  5. Crawford, Ian, and Matthew Polisson, 2014 "Testing for Intertemporal Nonseparability", Journal of Mathematical Economics, 52, 46–49.
  6. Georgarakos, Dimitris, Michael Haliassos and Giacomo Pasini. 2014. "Household Debt and Social Interactions", The Review of Financial Studies, forthcoming.
  7. Acemoglu, Daron and Martin Kaae Jensen, 2014. "Robust Comparative Statics in Large Dynamic Economies", Journal of Political Economy, forthcoming.
  8. Varvarigos, Dimitrios and Maria Jose Gil-Molto. 2014. “Endogenous market structure, occupational choice, and growth cycles”, Macroeconomic Dynamics, forthcoming
  9. De Kamps, Marc, Dan Ladley, and Aistis Simaitis, 2014. "Heterogeneous Beliefs in Over-The-Counter Markets", Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 41, 50–68.
  10. De Fraja, Gianni, and Francisco Martinez-Mora, 2014. "The desegregating effect of school tracking", Journal of Urban Economics, 80, 164–177.
  11. Myatt, David and Chris Wallace, 2014. "Central Bank Communication Design in a Lucas-Phelps Economy", Journal of Monetary Economics, 63, 64–79.
  12. Foureaux Koppensteiner, Martin, 2014. "Automatic Grade Promotion and Student Performance: Evidence from Brazil", Journal of Development Economics, 107, 277–290.
  13. Campolieti, Mike, Deborah Gefang and Gary Koop, 2014. “Time Variation in the Dynamics of Worker Flows: Evidence from North America and Europe”, Journal of Applied Econometrics, 29, 265–290.
  14. Dimitrios Varvarigos and Panagiotis Arsenis, 2014. "Corruption, Fertility, and Human Capital", Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, forthcoming. 


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O’Hare, Jim, 2013. Analysing Financial Statements for non-Specialists, Routledge

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