Professor Suresh Mutuswami


Contact Details

  • Tel: 0116 252 5385
  • Email:
  • Office: AC204, Astley Clarke Building
  • Office Hours: 3-4pm Monday and 2-3pm Tuesday (term time only) otherwise by appointment
  • Research papers can be downloaded via RePEc.

You must apply formally to our Economics PhD programme before we allocate you a supervisor as part of the review process. You do not need to contact our staff separately.

Current PhD Students


Administrative Responsibilities

  • Equal Opportunities Officer
  • PGT Syllabus Committee Chair (Econ)

Most Recent Publications

  • S. Mutuswami, "Strategyproof Cost Sharing of Multiple Excludable Public Goods",Journal of Public Economic Theory, 9, 793-808, 2007
  • S. Mutuswami and E. Winter, "Efficient Mechanisms for Multiple Public Goods", Journal of Public Economics, 88, 629-644, 2004.
  • S. Mutuswami, D. Perez-Castrillo and D. Wettstein, "Bidding for the Surplus: Realizing efficient outcomes in economic environments", Games and Economic Behavior, 48, 111-123, 2004.

Full listing of publications

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