Dr Marcus Cooke

Senior Lecturer - Oxidative Stress Group

Department of Cancer Studies & Genetics

Contact Details

  • Telephone: 0116 252 5825
  • Email: msc5@le.ac.uk
  • Office: Room 007, Ground Floor, Robert Kilpatrick Building, Leicester Royal Infirmary, PO BOX 65, Leicester LE2 7LX


  • BSc (Hons)
  • MSc
  • PhD
  • FRCPath

Research Interests

Oxidative stress might be considered the most prevalent carcinogen, arising as a consequence of both endogenous, and exogenous processes and exposures.  DNA represents a major, and important target for reactive oxygen species.  Oxidatively-generated damage to DNA has a variety of cellular consequences, not only mutation, but also alterations in methylation status, promotion of microsatellite instability and acceleration of telomere shortening, all of which have implications for carcinogenesis. It is my goal to improve the understanding of the cellular effects of oxidative stress and its relevance to disease. 
To enable me to do this my research will combine in vitro analyses and human studies of oxidative stress, using a variety of molecular biology, immunoassay and chromatographic assays of DNA damage and repair.

Current Grants

  • Biomarkers of UVR exposure: tools for determining the relationship between the benefits and hazards of UVR.  C30431/A13128 Cancer Research-UK. Cooke, Rhodes, Marczylo.  (Principal investigator.) 2012 – 2015
  • Modelling approach to determine the duration and intensity of sunlight exposure required to maintain and achieve adequate vitamin D status in winter in ‘at risk’ population groups.  Department of Health. Webb, Cooke, Berry, Rhodes. (Co-applicant.) 2012 – 2014
  • Methodology for the point-of-collection treatment of extracellular, biological matrices to account for possible analyte loss/degradation during the sample processing chain and correction for sample concentration. University of Leicester Innovation Fellowship. Cooke, Evans. (Principal investigator.) 2012 - 2013
  • Urinary biomarkers of oxidative stress; a novel tool for the identification of type 2 diabetes in high risk individuals. Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund.   Carter, Cooke. (Co-applicant.) 2012 - 2013


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2007 - 2010,    2011 - 2013

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Supervision of Research Students

  • Alaa Alhegaili (Primary)
  • Faris A Alrumaihi (Primary)
  • Dr Hussein H K Abbas (Secondary)
  • Kamla Al-Salmani (Secondary)
  • Kamaldeep Chana (Secondary, joint with Dr Eran Tauber, Department of Genetics)

Academic Distinctions and National Profile

Dr Cooke holds a number of positions of esteem, to view his academic distinctions and national profile, please use the link: Esteem.

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Contact Details

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