Criminology at Leicester

Crime and its impact are at the forefront of current political and social debate. We only have to switch on the television or pick up a newspaper to see headlines about violent crime, anti-social behaviour, hate crime or online fraud to realise how relevant to everyday life the study of criminology has become.

Criminology is the study of how crime is defined, why some people commit crime and what happens when they do. It is also the study of the police, the courts and penal systems, as well as the prevention and deterrence of criminal behaviour.

Since its inauguration in 1987 Criminology at Leicester has established itself as a thriving and internationally-renowned academic community. The University of Leicester is one of a very few universities in the country which is dedicated to researching and teaching criminology; meaning our students benefit from learning in an environment that is home to some of the UK’s leading criminologists. We are a first point of contact for journalists requiring information and advice on crime issues and it is regularly called on by national and local government to assist with policy development.







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