Leicester Hate Crime Project

Welcome to the Leicester Hate Crime Project

The Leicester Hate Crime Project is Britain’s biggest ever study of hate crime victimisation.

This is a two year project, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, exploring the experiences of people who have been victimised simply because of who they are. We have been speaking to anyone who feels that they have been targeted because of their identity, because of their perceived vulnerability or because they were seen as being somehow ‘different’ in the eyes of the perpetrator.

Have you ever been victimised because of who you are?

Have you ever been attacked, bullied, harassed or called an abusive name as a result of someone’s prejudice?

Do you ever worry about being targeted because of your skin colour, your beliefs, your sexuality, your disability or any other feature of your identity?

Throughout the duration of the project we have been working closely with criminal justice agencies and other service providers so we can collectively challenge hate and prejudice in Leicester. We hope that you will help us to identify ways of addressing the needs of hate crime victims and to provide them with the support they deserve.

This website has been designed so that you can interact with the project on many different levels. Using the panel of tabs, you can find all the information you need about the project, the research team and how you can get involved in the study.

If you'd like to take part in the research please tell us your story

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The Leicester Hate Crime Project
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Stevie-Jade Hardy (Researcher)

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