Sustainable Synthesis & Catalysis Group

Sustainable Synthesis and Catalysis

Research focuses on internationally recognised research strengths in Leicester, specifically C-H activation, fluorine chemistry and designer ligands and metal complexes.

Within the “sustainable chemistry” theme, our approach involves developing or applying new synthetic methodologies to “added-value” products.

Areas currently under investigation include asymmetric fluorination, catalytic applications of C-H activation, cycloisomerisation reactions, electrophilic fluorination, polymerisation catalysis with 3d metals and responsive dual-mode contrast agents.

Research Interests

Group Members


Research Interests
Prof Eric Hope

Fluorine Chemistry

Prof Dai Davies

C-H Activation

Dr Gregory A Solan

C-H Activation

Polymerisation Catalysis
Dr Alison M Stuart

Asymmetric Catalysis

Fluorine Chemistry

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