MSc Chemical Research - Physical Chemistry

Our MSc in Physical Chemistry reflects the huge breadth and diversity in research and the application of physical chemistry and physical chemistry techniques, by providing training and development in the concepts and techniques of physical chemistry, tailored to the research interests of the individual.

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Start date: September each year

Duration: 1 year

Course Description

This MSc is designed to develop your research, methodological and analytical skills for a career in the chemical or related industries or further research leading to the award of PhD.

Specialism at the research dissertation stage of the MSc programme, places the MSc student at the forefront of academic and applied research within internationally-leading research groups in topics such as electrochemistry, interfacial properties, materials, atmospheric chemistry, gas-phase spectroscopy or microscopy.

Course Modules

Measuring ice cores

  • Physical Chemistry: Parts I and II
  • Advanced Physical Chemistry
  • Research Methodology: Parts I, II and III
  • Research project: Parts I, II and III

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