Staff Contacts

Academic Staff

All telephone numbers are +44 (0) 116 252 xxxx (unless indicated)

Prof Andrew P Abbott Professor 2087
Dr Stephen Ball Senior Lecturer undisclosed 2139
Dr Richard Blackburn Teaching Fellow & Admissions Tutor 2093
Prof Paul M Cullis Professor and Head of Section 2130
Prof David L Davies Professor 2092
Prof Andrew M Ellis Professor & Head of Department 2138
Dr Corey J Evans Senior Lecturer 3985
Dr Antonio Guerreiro Lecturer

294 4670
Dr Sandeep Handa Lecturer 2128
Prof A Robert Hillman Professor and Head of Section 2144
Dr James T. Hodgkinson Lecturer 2105
Prof Eric G Hope Professor and Head of Section 2108
Dr Andrew J Hudson Senior Lecturer 2099
Dr Kal Karim Senior Lecturer 294 4668
Dr Mark P Lowe Lecturer 2109
Prof Paul S Monks Professor & Head of College 2141
Dr Elena Piletska Lecturer 294 4669
Prof Sergey A Piletsky Professor 294 4666
Prof Emma Raven Professor, Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award Holder 229 7047
Prof Karl S Ryder Professor 2088
Dr Gregory A Solan Senior Lecturer 2096
Dr Alison M Stuart Senior Lecturer 2136
Dr Michael J Whitcombe Lecturer 294 4667
Dr Dylan P Williams Lecturer 3616
Dr Shengfu Yang Reader 2127

Support & Associated Staff

All telephone numbers are +44 (0) 116 252 xxxx

Mrs Zahira Ahmed Programme Administrator 2100

Dr Dominic Banks

Technical Services Manager

0734 206 5189 or x2131

Mrs Caroline Bilson Programme Administrator

Mr Gareth Bustin Mechanical Workshop Technician 3840
Miss Claire Cartwright Business Administration Manager 2119
Mr Saiful Choudhury Senior Technician, Main Store 2111
Mrs Chris Goddard Administrator, Atmospheric Chemistry Group 3403
Dr Gerry A Griffith Senior Experimental Officer (NMR) 2146
Mrs Kiri Humphreys Programme Administrator (Research Students) 3570
Ms Sara Keeley Administrative Assistant 2149
Mrs Dawn C Kissoon Teaching Technician 2091
Mr Richard C Lane Teaching Technician 2091
Miss Gigi Law Administration Assistant 2149
Mr Mick Lee Senior Research Technician and Chemical Waste Disposal Coordinator 2123
Mrs Gayle Price University Glassblower 2085
Miss Vicky Robbins Programme Administrator (229) 7843
Mr Carl Schieferstein Technician, Electronics/Electrical 2193
Mr Kuldip Singh Experimental Officer (X-ray) 2118
Mr David Swinfield Technician, Main Store 2111
Dr Barbara Villa Marcos Laboratory Manager 1098
Mr Philip Young Teaching Technician 2091


PDRAs/Visiting & Research Fellows

Dr Robert S Blake Honorary Visiting Fellow Atmos Chem 5681
Dr Robert Britton Collaborator & Lecturer
Organic 2140
Dr Rebecca Cordell PDRA Atmos Chem 5861
Dr Alex Goddard Enterprise Fellow
Dr Zoe Fleming NCAS Research Fellow Atmos Chem 4562
Dr Robert C Harris PDRA Physical 1063
Dr Sofia M. Kapetanaki Chemical Biology 7014
Dr Hanna Kwon Chemical Biology 7105
Dr Li Liu PDRA Physical
Dr Nico Portolano PDRA

Dr Roberto Sommariva

PDRA Atmos Chem 5681
Dr Hannah Sonderfeld PDRA Atmos Chem 4562
Dr Umakhanth Venkatraman Girija Chemical Biology 7014
Dr Michael Wilde PDRA 3Is
Dr Helena Wright Chemical Biology 7014
Dr Christopher Zaleski Collaborator Materials

Honorary Visiting Fellows

Dr John Burgess Emeritus Reader
Dr Glenn A Burley Honorary Senior Lecturer
Prof John Holloway Emeritus Professor
Dr Paul R Jenkins Honorary Senior Lecturer 2124
Dr Roland Leigh Lecturer 229 7711
Dr John R Malpass Emeritus Reader


Dr Katy McKenzie Honorary Visiting Fellow
Dr Jonny Woodward Honorary Senior Lecturer

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Fax: [+44] (0)116 252 3789

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