Postgraduate Seminars

Postgraduate Seminars

When and Where

Pott Pongpaopattanakul
"Low level vagus nerve stimulation protects against ventriculararrhythmias in the isolated innervated rabbit heart"

Meetal Solanki
"Cytochrome P450 2J2 in drug metabolism and cardiotoxicity"

Thursday 30th June at 3.00pm

Clinical Sciences Lecture Theatre, Glenfield Hospital

Sameer Kurmani
"Studies of Platelet-Monocyte Interactions in Foam Cell Formation"

Matthew Charlton
"Sepsis, the microcirculation and methods of its measurement"

Hadeel Al Ali
"Effects of Urotensin-II on Excitation-Contraction Coupling in Hypertrophic Heart Failure"


Thursday 9th June at 3.00pm

Clinical Sciences Lecture Theatre, Glenfield Hospital

Waseem Osman
"Cardiovascular changes in high risk pregnancy"

Friday 20th May

Clinical Sciences Wing LT, GGH

Postgraduate Seminar Day

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Wednesday 11th May

Belvoir Park Lounge and Annexe, CWB

Sharon Man
"Potential clinical utility of externally recorded cardiac acoustics"

Abi Al-Hussaini
"Deep phenotypic of SCAD"

Reshma Chauhan
"Effects of left and right sympathetic nerve stimulation on ventricular electrophysiology and arrhythmia inducibility"

Thursday 21st April

3rd Floor Seminar Room

Christopher Hebbes
"Developing an assay to detect single cell release of nociceptin from immunocytes"

Amerjeet Banning
"Development of a novel stent in the management of coronary bifurcation disease"

Thursday 10th March

3rd Floor Seminar Room

Noor Shamkhi
"Generation of knock-out human iPSCs to investigate genes associated with telomere length"

Sadaf Afreen
"Pro-inflammatory mechanisms associated with senescent endothelial cells"

Nawshin Dastagir
Tackling atrial fibrillation using Engineering" 

Thursday 18th February

CSW Lecture Theatre, GGH

(Refreshments provided at 2.45pm)


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