Postgraduate Seminars

Postgraduate Seminar Programme Autumn 2014 / Spring 2015

When and Where

Helena Lee
Investigation of the Normal and Pathological Development of the Infant Human Eye using High Resolution Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

Gail Maconachie
The development and treatment of strabismic amblyopia

Friday 28th November 3.30pm

Seminar Room 1/2 RKCSB, LRI

Virag Patel
LASSO regression in Genome-wide association studies

Thursday 11th December

CSB Lecture Theatre, GGH

Asif Adnan
The novel application of clinical optical coherence tomography and pressure wire assessment to post-mortem computed tomography angiography

Hao Shui Chin
The Effect of Beta-blockade on Autonomic Modulation

Anvesha Singh
Myocardial Perfusion Reserve in Aortic Stenosis

Thursday 29th January

CSB Lecture Theatre, GGH

Saqib Qureshi
Endothelial homeostasis as a therapeutic modality in post-cardiac surgery inflammatory organ injury

Wadhah Mahbuba
Opioids and Angiogenesis

Thursday 12th March

CSB Lecture Theatre, GGH

All Welcome - Refreshments at 3.15pm

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