Dr Damian Roland

Consultant and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Paediatric Emergency Medicine

Damian BMedSci (Hons) 1999, University of Nottingham
MB BS, 2001, University of Nottingham
PhD 2014

Email: dr98@le.ac.uk Twitter: @damian_roland Blog: rolobotrambles.com

Address: Department of Cardiovascular Sciences, University of Leicester, 
Level G, Jarvis Building RMO, Infirmary Square, Leicester, LE1 5WW

For general enquiries, please email the secretary, Elizabeth Cadman,
or telephone 0116 258 5965

Research Interests

  • Identification of Sick Children in Acute Care Settings

  • Scoring Systems
  • Evaluation of methods to assess training and educational interventions (REMIT)
  • Co-Founder of PEMLA and QuackApps


  • East Midlands Leadership Academy - Development Leader of the Year 2015
  • UK Health Business Awards - Winner in Patient Data Category (POPS)
  • Electronic Health Insider Awards 2014 - Highly Commended in Clinical Care Category (POPS)
  • Health Service Journal - Top 50 Health Innovator 2013 and Rising Star 2014
  • Graduate Dean's Prize for Best Poster at Leicester University Festival of Postgraduate Research 2013
  • Shortlisted for Patient Safety Award 2013 in Paediatric Category
  • International Forum of Quality and Safety in Health Care 2013: Winner of Million Pound Challenge

External Positions

NHS England Acutely Ill Child Reference Group

Core Leadership team for #nhschangeday

Guideline Development Group Member - NICE Feverish illness in children update

Contributions to National Guidance/Publications

Educational Outcomes Framework (DOH 2012) - Design Group Member

Technology Enhanced Learning Framework (DOH 2011) - Member of Project Board

Sir John Temple. "Time for Training" (Medical Education England 2010) - Member of expert advisory group

Editorial board for 2010 NPSA publication "Medical Error"

Publications - 2015

Challen K and Roland D. Early Warning Scores: a health warning EMJ doi:10.1136/emermed-2014-204250

Neill S, Roland D, Jones C, Thompson M, Lakhanpaul M. Information resources to aid parental decision making on when to seek medical care for their acutely sick child: A narrative systematic review BMJ Open 2015;5:e008280 doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2015-008280

deVos-Kerkhof E, Roland D, Bekker-Grob E, Oostenbrink R, Lakhanpaul M, Moll H Clinician's overestimation of febrile child risk assessment Eur J Pediatr. 2015 Dec 4. [Epub ahead of print]

Roland D, Matheson D, Coats T, Martin G. A qualitative study of self-evaluation of junior doctor performance: is perceived ‘safeness’ a more useful metric than confidence and competence BMJ open 5(11):e008521 2015

Roland D and Brazil V Top 10 ways to reconcile social media and 'traditional' education in emergency care. Emerg Med J 32(10):819-822 01 Oct 2015

Low D, Roland D, Baird D and Chantler C. Safeguarding children and improving their care in the UK. Lancet 2015 386;9991:313-14


Roland D, Matheson D, Taub N, Coats T and Lakhanpaul M. Is perception of quality more important than technical quality in patient video cases BMC Medical Education201515:132


Roland D. Linear rather than vertical analysis of educational initiatives: proposal of the 7Is framework. J Educ Eval Health Prof; 12: 35.

Roland D, May N, Body R, Carley S and Lyttle M. Will Social Media make or break medical conferences?  British Journal of Hospital Medicine 76(6):318-319 01 Jun 2015


Roland D and Balslev T. Use of Patient Video Cases in Medical Education. Arch Dis Child Educ Pract Ed 


Roland D But I told you she was ill. The role of families in preventing avoidable harm in children BMJ Qual Saf 2015;24:186-187


Roland D, Lewis G, Rowlands R, Davidson E and Davies F Female Perineal Injuries in Children and Adolescents presenting to a Children's Emergency Department Emerg Med J doi:10.1136/emermed-2014-204259

Roland D, May N, Body R, Carley S and Lyttle M. Are you a SCEPTIC? SoCial mEdia Precision & uTility In Conferences Emerg Med J 2015;32:412-413

Shortland D, Roland D, Lumsden D et al. Career Intentions and Choices of Paediatricians entering training in the UK Arch Dis Child 2015;100:537-541

Ardolino A, Cheung C, Lawrence T, Bouamra O, Lecky F, Berry K, Lyttle M, Roland D, Koralage N, Issa S, Chaudhary A, Maconcochie I. The accuracy of existing prehospital triage tools for injured children in England: an analysis using emergency department data Emerg Med J 2015;32:397-400



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