Dr Zsuzsanna Vargha

Associate Professor in Accounting and Organisation

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Administrative responsibilities


  • Accountability, Representation and Control (MSc core MN7262) - Module Leader
  • Management Accounting (MSc elective MN7035) - Module Leader, team
  • Finance, Markets and Organisations (MSc elective MN7365) - Module Leader, team
  • Social Studies of Finance (BSc core MN3136) - Module Leader, team

Past modules

Finance, Markets and Organisations I (MSc core MN7379) - Module Leader, team

Performance Measurement: Quantitative Approaches (distance learning MBA) - Module Leader

MSc Dissertations in Accounting and Finance - Supervisor

Accountability, Representation and Control (MN7566 distance learning MSc&MBA) - Module Leader

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Peer-reviewed journal articles

Performing a strategy's world: How redesigning customers made relationship banking possible.” In press. Long Range Planning. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.lrp.2017.03.003

The Financialization of Everyday life or the Domestication of Finance? (with Léna Pellandini-Simányi and Ferenc Hammer) 2015. Cultural Studies, DOI: 10.1080/09502386.2015.1017142

From long-term savings to instant mortgages: financial demonstrations and the role of interaction in markets. Organization, March 2011, 18(2): 215-235.  http://org.sagepub.com/content/18/2/215.short

Educate or serve: the paradox of 'professional service' and the image of the west in legitimacy battles of post-socialist advertising. Theory and Society March 2010 39(2): 203-243.  http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11186-009-9104-6?LI=true#page-1

Chapters in edited books
"Conversation stoppers: regulating consumers' Attitudes to Risk" 2016 In: Michael Power (ed) Risk work: the everyday life of risk management. Oxford University Press.

Clocks, Clerks, Customers: queue management systems, post-socialist sensibilities and performance measurement at a retail bank. 2014. In: Francois-Xavier de Vaujany, Nathalie Mitev, Pierre Laniray, Emmanuelle Vaast (eds) Materiality and Time: Historical Perspectives on Organisations, Artefacts and Practices. Palgrave Macmillan: 31-57.

Realizing dreams, proving thrift: how product demonstrations qualify financial objects and subjects. 2013. Book chapter in: Beckert, Jens and Christine Musselin (eds) The Construction of Quality in Markets. Oxford University Press.

General interest articles
Financial advice: regulating ambiguous interactions. Risk&Regulation 22, Winter 2011: 6-7.

Working papers

"Infrastructures of control: the accidental pipeline of measuring bank sales incentives." Working paper.

"The Long Range and the Small Print: Relational Work and Financial Regulation in Wealth Management Encounters." (with Peter Lunt). Working paper.

"Perfection struggles in the making of the Hungarian forex mortgage market (with Lena Pellandini-Simanyi and Ferenc Hammer).  Working paper.

"Do Financial Markets Work? The Missing Concept of Work in the Social Studies of Finance." Working paper.

Markets from interactions: the technology of mass personalization in consumer banking. Columbia University Center on Organizational Innovation (COI) Working Paper.

Book reviews
Organizations, Interaction, and Practice. By Nick Llewellyn and Jon Hindmarsh. Book review. Organization Studies December 2011 32(12): 1745-1749.  http://oss.sagepub.com/content/32/12/1745.extract

Consumer Culture and Personal Finance: Money Goes to Market. By Jacqueline Botterill. Book review. Journal of Consumer Culture, November 2011, 11(3): 389-92.  http://joc.sagepub.com.ezproxy3.lib.le.ac.uk/content/11/3/389.full.pdf+html


Editor 2015-2016, Economic Sociology European Electronic Newsletter


  • Social studies of finance and accounting; economic sociology
  • Expertise, professions and professionalisation
  • Management accounting in financial advice
  • Market interaction, technology and regulation in consumer banking, mortgage markets and wealth management
  • Queue management in services
  • Digital health technologies
  • Accounting and digital technologies


I'm looking to supervise PhD students interested in organisational, sociological, anthropological, or historical approaches, or an emphasis on information systems, in the following areas:

  • Accounting, finance and banking
  • Risk management and regulation
  • Consumer markets and marketing

Current PhD students:

  • Anthony O’Tierney (mortgage securitization)
  • Veronica Morino (fraud in organisations)
  • Yonatan Bezalel (crowdfunding)
  • Doctorate in Social Sciences: Angele Ellul Fenech (performance appraisal and gender in retail banking)
  • Naveed Butt (stress in audit)


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