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  • Tel: + 44 (0)116 223 1779
  • Office: Room 318, Level Three, Ken Edwards Building
  • Office hours: I am on study leave in semester 2 and will not be holding regular office hours. However, I will retain responsibility for the Management Year Abroad and for the third year dissertation module MN3101/3. If you would like to arrange a meeting, please email me for an appointment.

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I am a Lecturer in Management and Economic History here at the University of Leicester School of Business. Before joining the School in April 2013, I held appointments at Birmingham, De Montfort, and Lancaster universities. My research and teaching cross the disciplines of both management studies and history. In June 2015, I was awarded Chartered Manager status by the Chartered Management Institute, whilst in November 2015 I was elected a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. In 2013 my teaching was recognised by the award of a Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy.

Broadly, I am interested in the development of capitalism, and political economy under capitalism, with specific reference to ideology, class, and imperialism. My research brings together traditional archival approaches to history, and combines them with theoretical insights derived from the social sciences.

Within the School I am the Year Abroad Academic Lead, one of our Ethics Officers and the Widening Participation Academic Lead.



Professional memberships

Fellow of the Royal Historical Society
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
Chartered Manager and Member of the Chartered Management Institute


In the academic year 2016-17 I am module leader for the following:

  • MN1000 Foundations of Management
  • MN3101/3103 Dissertation



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Script for 'Hayek' YouTube film as part of the 'School of Life'  'Political Theory' series.

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My interest in the development of capitalism and in the development of political economy within capitalism underpins my current research projects. At present, four strands within these interests stand out:

The political economy of Friedrich Hayek: I have published work examining fundamental differences between Hayek’s political philosophy, as laid out in The Road to Serfdom, and his 1944 consultancy work for the Government of Gibraltar and the British Colonial Office. On-going research draws out new perspectives on Hayek in the 1940s, allowing for a re-examination of how his political economy was used in later periods, and also providing a window onto the ways in which, during the 1940s, the British and imperial governments adopted Keynesian ideas and the ideas of the Beveridge report

Re-examining labour organisation in the British Empire: Long term, this project aims to examine the exportation of British-style trade union activity to British colonies and its impact upon indigenous forms of labour organisation. Initial research with Jo Grady (ULSM) and Gareth Stockey (Nottingham) examines the development of anarchism in Gibraltar and the Campo de Gibraltar between 1890-1921. In a recently published article for Labor History, the links between the two regions, absent from current literature on Spanish anarchism and labour organisation in Gibraltar, are drawn out.

Critiques of capitalist development via imperialism and free trade: with Jo Grady (ULSB) this project ties together my research on British imperialism with Grady’s expertise on neoliberalism. In an article for Capital and Class, we argue that imperialism is simply a tool made use of by capitalist economies, rather than a separate development or stage. In this sense, the formal and informal imperialism of Britain, the United States of America, and we speculate in the future China, form part of a continuity of capitalist imperialism rather than stages of capitalist economic development.

The changing nature of the organisation of the gambling industry: With Jo Grady (ULSB), this project examines the proliferation of fixed-odd betting terminals in the UK since the early 2000s. In particular, we are interested in the ways in which neoliberal political economy has encouraged the deregulation and proliferation of new forms of gambling.'


I am interested in supervising theses in the following areas:

Political economy (including, but not limited to, the work of Hayek and Marx, as well as neoliberal and Marxian theoretical frameworks).

The ideas, activities, and organisation of trade unions and other worker’s movements such as anarchism (both in the contemporary world and historically).

The organisation of the gambling and gaming industry since the 1970s.

The development of capitalism and the relationship between the state, labour, and capital.
Ideology in the capitalist world.

The British Empire; decolonisation and post-colonial society; neo-imperialism; links between capitalism and imperialism.

All aspects of the remaining UK overseas dependent territories, and in particular Gibraltar since 1704

All aspects of twentieth and twenty-first century Spain.


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