BSc Biological Sciences - Zoology

Zoology at Leicester provides you with an understanding of animal function and diversity as a living record of Nature's successes and failures within the framework of evolution and natural selection. There are opportunities for ERASMUS exchanges and also for sandwich placements in Industry.

Course Content

The aim of the course is to provide an appreciation of animal diversity by means of a blend of lectures, tutorials, laboratory and fieldwork, with frequent involvement with live animals as well as modern biotechnology. In the first year you will read all the modules offered in the School which provide an introduction to all disciplines within biology + a supplementary subject during the first semester.

In the second year you will obtain 120 credit units of which 60 come from the three modules offered by the Biology Department which cover aspects of ecology, including a 1 week residential field course, vertebrate biology and animal development with a further 40 credit units usually in Botany, Genetics or Physiology depending on your interests. The remaining 20 credits is covered by the research skills module taken by all Biological Sciences students.

In the third year you are expected to read 80 credit units at least 60 of which come from modules offered by the Biology Department, which include a 1 week residential field course. A further 40 credit units are obtained from the final year project. Recent projects undertaken in the department include:

  • Studies on lesser flamingos and soda lakes, East Africa 
  • Social behaviour of rooks and jackdaws 
  • The conservation of hydrothermal vents 
  • Roles of nucleotide receptors during zebrafish development 
  • Phenotypic plasticity in locust behaviour 
  • Effects of river impoundment on trophic morphology of three-spined sticklebacks

Skills Gained

Your training in the Biology Department will provide you with hands-on experience of a wide range of transferable skills from laboratory and field work, to team work, oral presentations, information retrieval and data analysis.

Careers/Further Study

60% of our graduates enter biologically related fields of employment. the training also prepares graduates for work in other areas. Recent graduates have gone into Biological Research in Universities, Higher Degrees in Biology, Medical Research, Teaching in schools and colleges, Ecosystem Management, Computing, Accounting, Banking, The Services and many other fields.

Other Information

The academic staff of the Biology Department have many overseas collaborators and the department is usually host to several visiting scientists from a range of different countries. Staff and postgraduate students participate in research expeditions to a variety of locations. From time to time there are also opportunities for undergraduates to participate in overseas research projects.

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