Dr Iain Barber

barberHead of Department and Senior Lecturer

Adrian Building, Room 329a


Internal: 3462
External: 0116 252 3462
Fax:        0116 252 3330

Email:  ib50@le.ac.uk



Research Interests

The effects of parasites on the behaviour and ecology of fish; mate choice and nesting behaviour in fish; host-parasite interactions of fish; parasite evolutionary ecology; effects of global environmental change on host-parasite interactions; mechanisms of host behavioural manipulation by parasites


  • BS-1013 Animal and Plant Physiology (convenor)
  • BS-2071 Evolution in Health and Disease
  • BS-3066 Behavioural Ecology in Nature (convenor)
  • BS-3067 Current Research Topics in Animal Behaviour (convenor)

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