Burrough Hill Iron Age Hillfort

Burrough Hill panorama



A University of Leicester and ULAS Excavation Initiative


This major student training and research excavation project focuses on the Iron Age hillfort at Burrough Hill, near Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire.  Burrough Hill is the finest example of a large univallate (single banked) hillfort in Leicestershire and has protected status as a Scheduled Monument.  Our project, a joint venture with ULAS, offers much scope to shed light on the Iron Age occupation and exploitation of the region and to question transitions into the Roman period. The project will run for five seasons from 2010 - 2014.




The project is directed by Dr Jeremy Taylor and John Thomas, Richard Buckley is project manager. Excavations have been supervised by ULAS staff: Tim Higgins, Andrew Hyam, and Dr Gavin Speed; along with academic staff and postgraduate students duly assisting in the student training.

The excavation is undertaken with permission of English Heritage, the Ernest Cook Trust (landowners), and Leicestershire County Council (site management).


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