School Research Projects

From Burrough Hill to Australia

School of Archaeology & Ancient History staff at Leicester - from lecturers to research fellows and postdoctoral students, plus postgraduates and undergraduates - are involved in major field and research projects, linked to specific sites, regions, countries or across multiple territories. Below is a selection of recent and current School research projects which gives a flavour of the breadth and depth of our exciting research:

burrough hill excavations 2Burrough Hill Iron Age Hillfort
Excavation and Fieldschool


tracing networksTracing Networks: Craft Traditions in the Ancient Mediterranean
diasporas DNAImpact of Diasporas on the Making of Britain


crouched burialTrans-Sahara Project
hollingsCriminal Corpses: The Archaeology of Condemned Bodies
sasanin-casualty-sml.jpgRoman soldiers in the city: Dura-Europos, Syria
British & Irish PrehistoryBritish and Irish prehistory in their European context
Saalburg museum spinningPeople and spaces in military bases in Roman Germany
3rd century AD coin hoard from the York area, 2008 T723. © Trustees of the British Museum.Hoarding in Iron Age and Roman Britain
Amendolea2The Fazzan Project - archaeological survey and excavation of the Sahara
leicester sikh templeMapping Faith and Place in Leicester

The Hallaton Treasure Project: East Leicestershire

Oliver HarrisThe Ardnamurchan Transition Project: Western Scotland
MacSweeney cultural heritageCultural Heritage and Peacebuilding
Danebury fig. 1(Re)dating Danebury Hillfort and later prehistoric settlements in the environs: a Bayesian approach Kinchega - child's ceramicKinchega Archaeological Research Project: Australia
cut of channelThe Wallingford Burh to Borough Project
aubergineRoman and Islamic Spice Trade
landlordLandlord Villages in the Tehran Plain
Penan campThe Cultured Rainforest Project: Borneo
pseudo-skylax textPseudo-Skylax - The Circumnavigation of the Inhabited World
nile picThe Nile in Western Imagination
Horse and rider broochBosworth Roman Temple Project

Herc house


Pompeian Houses and Households


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