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Deb M-W photoArchaeological Illustrator, Outreach Officer/Careers Tutor


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Deborah graduated in Graphic Design/Illustration from Cardiff College of Art and Design, Wales in 1984, and worked for five years in the design/illustration profession prior to joining the University of Leicester in September 1990.

She is responsible for providing illustration support to academic staff for research publications and project work. Her work is published in numerous academic books, journals, papers and popular archaeology magazines. And her work has appeared on British and German television.

Since joining the school Deborah has achieved a University Certificate in Archaeology, and has worked on sites in Britain, Italy, Israel, Austria. She is currently involved with an American project with Professor Joseph Rife, Vanderbilt University, as Illustrator for the Kenchreai Excavations, near the ancient port of Corinth, Southern Greece. She is a full member of the Association of Archaeological Illustrators & Surveyors (AAI&S), organising their annual conferences at Leicester in 1997 and Warwick in 2004. She previously served on Council as their Exhibitions Officer and has sat on the Assessments Panel for new AAI&S members. In 2011 Deborah was accepted as a full member of the Institute of Field Archaeologists (IFA). In 2012 Deborah was invited and accepted the invitation to be a committee member for the Council for British Archaeology, East Midlands Branch.


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AR1009 - Contributor

AR2036 - Professional Skills - Group Mentor

AR3070 - Co-Cordinator



Activities include: Archaeology Summer Schools, Aim Higher Events, talks to schools and societies, visits to both primary/secondary schools, development of educational materials, Young Archaeologists Club - Leicester branch, helping with Community archaeology, organising public lectures and public archaeology days on/off campus. Operation Nightingale, Whitewall Brake Project, Caerwent - Outreach programme.



January 2012 - present. Operation Nightingale, Whitewall Brake Project, Caerwent, South-East Wales. A project that uses archaeology to rehabilitate injured soldiers returning from Afghanistan. Project set up by Sgt. Diarmaid Walsh and MOD Archaeologist Martin Brown. As the department's Outreach Officer my role has been to help recruit student volunteers to work alongside the soldiers. As a Archaeological Illustrator I have recorded some of the finds and offered tuition and advice to the soldiers on how to record finds.

July 2011 - Archaeology Summer School, Burrough Iron Age Hillfort, Leicestershire. Programme Organiser. First day on site for summer school students was filmed by T.V. presenter and historian Michael Wood for his the BBC series televised in 2012 the "Story of the Nation" for the BBC. The summer school also appeared in on BBC East Midlands news:

September 2009 - Kibworth High School Dig, Kibworth, Leicestershire. As part of the filming for the "Story of England", BBC televison series with T.V. presenter and historian Michael Wood.

July 2009 - Kibworth Community Dig, Kibworth, Leicestershire. As part of the filming for the "Story of England", for BBC television series with T.V.presenter and historian Michael Wood and Dr. Carenza Lewis.

June 2006 – to present. Kenchreai Roman Cemetery Project, Ancient Corinth, Southern Greece. Professor Joseph Rife (Vanderbilt University, USA)

debbie in pot drawing action

July 2002 – Bova Marina Project, Calabia, and Southern Italy. Professor Lin Foxhall (University of Leicester), and Dr John Robb (Cambridge University)

July 2001 – The Dürrnberg Project, Dürrnberg near Salzburg, Austria. Professor Vincent Megaw, (Flinders University, Australia), Dr Thomas Stoellner (Bergabau Museum, Germany) and Dr Graham Morgan (University of Leicester)

September 2000 – Sangro Valley Project, Central Italy. Dr Neil Christie and Mr Paul Beavitt (University of Leicester)

Work pre-2000:

July 1997 – Kfar Hahoresh, near Nazareth, Israel. Dr Nigel Gorring Morris (Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel)

September 1993 –  Sumaqa, Carmel Hills, Israel. Dr Eleanor Scott (University of Leicester) and Professor Shimon Dar (Bar-Ilan University,Tel Aviv, Israel)

August 1992 – 1996 Cicolano Castles Project, Central Italy. Dr Neil Christie and Mr Paul Beavitt (University of Leicester)

August 1991 –Tuscania Project, British School, Rome, Italy. Professor Graeme Barker (University of Leicester) and Dr Tom Rasmussen (Manchester University)

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