Dr Terry Hopkinson


Lecturer in Palaeolithic Archaeology

MA, PhD (Cantab)

Tel: 0116 252 2591 

Email: th46@le.ac.uk


Terry came late to Archaeology, having previously worked as a laboratory technician, civil servant, rock musician and political organiser. He then read Archaeology as a mature student at St John's College, Cambridge, graduating to his first degree in 1995 and completing his PhD in 2001. He was a Research Fellow at St John's for three years before joining the School of Archaeology & Ancient History at the University of Leicester in 2002.





Terry teaches Palaeolithic Archaeology and human evolution to undergraduates at first year level as part of the module 'Introduction to World Archaeology BC', at second year level as part of the module 'The Archaeology of hunter-gatherers from Foragers to Farmers', and at third year level through his specialist module 'The Origins of Modern Humans'. He also supervises undergraduate dissertations related to Palaeolithic Archaeology and broader prehistory, and has supervised several dissertations concerned with the material culture of popular music. Until recently he also led the second year module 'Theory in Archaeology'.

At Masters level Terry teaches Palaeolithic Archaeology and human evolution, and also 'Practice and Theory in Archaeology' as part of the School's MA Archaeology, of which he is the programme coordinator.

Terry has also supervised two PhD students through their research degrees, and has two current PhD students under his supervision. He welcomes further applications from suitably qualified students to undertake doctoral research under his supervision; the research themes in which he is interested can be found under 'Research Interests'.


Selected Recent Publications

Hopkinson, T. (in press). The transmission of technological skills in the Palaeolithic: insights from metapopulation ecology. In Roberts, B. and Vander Linden, M. (eds) Investigating archaeological cultures: cultural transmission and material culture variability. New York: Springer. (publication in May 2011)

Hopkinson, T. 2007. The Middle Palaeolithic Leaf Points of Europe: Ecology, Knowledge and Scale. BAR International Series 1663. Oxford: John and Erica Hedges Publishing.

Hopkinson, T. 2007. The Transition from the Lower to the Middle Palaeolithic in Europe and the Incorporation of Difference. Antiquity 81, 294-307.

Stephens, M., Cooper, L. and Hopkinson, T. 2006. The Waite Collection, Historic Environment Record and Pleistocene fauna of Leicestershire: A Critical Assessment by the National Ice Age Network. Transactions of the Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society 80, 191-95.

Hopkinson, T. and White, M.J. 2005. The Acheulean and the handaxe: Structure and agency in the Palaeolithic. In C Gamble and M Porr (eds) The Individual Hominid in Context, pp13-28. London: Routledge.

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