Professor David Mattingly

Mattingly.jpgProfessor of Roman Archaeology

BA, PhD (Manchester), FSA, FBA, MAE

Tel: 0116 252 2610


Following my BA in History at the University of Manchester, I completed a PhD under the supervision of Professor Barri Jones at the same University. I was a British Academy Post-doctoral fellow at the Institute of Archaeology, Oxford (1986-1989), then Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan before coming to Leicester in December 1991 as a Lecturer. I was promoted to Reader (1995) and Professor (1998). I held a British Academy Research Readership award from 1999-2001 and was elected Fellow of the British Academy in 2003.

I was Director of Research for the College of Arts, Humanities and Law (2009-2012). I also hold a major research grant from the European Research Council for the Trans-Sahara Project.



My teaching areas are typically in the areas of Roman archaeology at Undergraduate level and at MA level.


Selected Recent Publications

(with A. Rushworth, M. Sterry and V. Leitch). The African Frontiers. Frontiers of the Roman Empire series, general editor, David Breeze. (2013).

(with C.M. Daniels, J.N. Dore, D. Edwards, J. Hawthorne, D. Thomas and A. Leone). The Archaeology of Fazzān. Volume 4, Survey and Excavations at Old Jarma (Ancient Garama) carried out by C.M. Daniels (1962-69) and the Fazzān Project (1997-2001). London. (2013) Pp xxx and 610 in book, plus additional 260 p on CD.

(with D. Stone and N. Ben Lazreg). Leptiminus (Lamta): a Roman port city in Tunisia, Report no. 3, the Urban Survey. Ann Arbor, JRA Suppl. Pp. 494 + 164 pp gazetteers on CD

Imperialism, Power and Identity Experiencing the Roman Empire. Princeton University Press, 2011. Pp. xxiv and 342.

(with C.M. Daniels, J.N. Dore, D. Edwards and J. Hawthorne). The Archaeology of Fazzan. Volume 3, Excavations carried out by C.M. Daniels. London, 2010. Pp. xxvi and 574.

(with A. Orejas and M. Clavel-Lévêque eds). From Present to Past through Landscape. CSIC, Madrid, 2009. Pp. 288.

(with G Barker, D Gilbertson et al.) Archaeology and Desertification: the Wadi Faynan Landscape Survey, southern Jordan. Oxbow, CBRL, Oxford (in press).

(with CM Daniels, JN Dore, D Edwards and J Hawthorne). The Archaeology of Fazzan. Volume 2, Site Gazetteer, Pottery and Other Survey Finds. London (2007). Pp xxx and 522. (edited by D. Mattingly).

(edited with G Shipley, J Vanderspoel and L Foxhall,). The Cambridge Dictionary of Classical Civilization. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (2006). Pp. xliv and 966.

An Imperial Possession. Britain in the Roman Empire. Penguin History of Britain Series. London (2006). Pp. xvi and 622. (Paperback edition 2007 with minor corrections).

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