Dr Mark Gillings

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Reader in Archaeology

BSc, PhD (Bradford), SFHEA

Tel: 0116 252 2723

Email: mg41@le.ac.uk

Deputy Head of School


Mark Gillings was appointed a Lecturer in Archaeology at the University of Leicester in 1999. After completing his degree and PhD at the University of Bradford, he increasingly specialised in the theory and practice of Landscape archaeology, with particular focus upon the role that could be played by Geographical Information Systems. This research developed through a succession of research posts at the Universities of Durham (1990), Cambridge (1991), Newcastle (1992-1997) and Leicester (1997-1999) and resulted in a number of publications including the major textbook Spatial Technology and Archaeology: the archaeological application of GIS co-authored with Dr. David Wheatley of the University of Southampton. He is currently working to bring together his existing strands of research into experiential landscape study, GIS and chorography through the development of a different kind of GIS - a Geosophical Information System.

As well as concerns with GIS, long standing interests in monumental prehistoric landscapes led in 1997 to the establishment of a major programme of fieldwork centred upon Avebury that has resulted in a series of major excavations and new discoveries in the Avebury landscape (Gillings, M., Pollard, J., Wheatley, D.W. and Peterson, R. 2008. Landscape of the Megaliths: excavation and fieldwork on the Avebury Monuments 1997-2003. Oxford: Oxbow). Current fieldwork is focusing upon the enigmatic stone settings of Exmoor, SW Britain (in collaboration with colleagues from Exmoor National Park and the Universities of Southampton and Plymouth) and the megaliths of Alderney, Channel Islands (in collaboration with the University of Southampton and Alderney Museum).





I teach on all three levels on a range of undergraduate (UG) studies and also Masters (MA) courses.

Selected Recent publications

M. Gillings. 2011. 'Chorography, phenomenology and the antiquarian tradition'. Cambridge Journal of Archaeology 21(1): 53-64.

M. Gillings, J. Pollard & J. Taylor. 2010. 'The miniliths of Exmoor'. Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society 76: 297-318.

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M. Gillings, J. Pollard, D.W. Wheatley & R. Peterson. 2008. Landscape of the Megaliths. Oxbow: Oxford.

M. Gillings, 2007. ‘The Escegfalva Landscape: affordance and inhabitation’ in A. Whittle (ed), The Early Neolithic of the Great Hungarian Plain. Varia Archaeologica Hungarica, Budapest.

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