Dr Huw Barton


Reader in Bioarchaeology

BA, PhD (Sydney), SFHEA

Tel: 0116 252 2793

Email: hjb15@le.ac.uk

Huw grew up in Canberra, Australia, where he developed an interest in natural history, particularly geology, palaeontology and later prehistoric archaeology. He took both his degrees at the University of Sydney. His PhD was an appliation of evolutionary ecology to model long-term trends in hunter-gatherer behaviour using surface scatters of stone artefacts in the Simpson Desert, western Queensland. In 2002 Huw joined the University of Leicester as AHRB postdoc with the Niah Caves Project, then held an AHRB Innovation Award, and currently holds a Wellcome Trust Award in Bioarchaeology. Huw worked in contract archaeology (CRM) in Australia for several years and held positions with New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service and the Australian Museum before returning to university for a higher degree.



Dr Huw Barton teaches all three levels of undergraduate studies.

Selected Recent Publications

Barton H, Piper P and Rabett R. 2009. Composite hunting technologies from the Terminal Pleistocene and Early Holocene, Niah Cave, Borneo. Journal of Archaeological Science 36: 1708-1714.

Higham TFG, Barton H, Turney CSM, Barker G, Bronk Ramsey C, Brock F. 2009. Radiocarbon dating of charcoal from tropical sequences: results from the Niah Great Cave, Sarawak, and their broader implications. Journal of Quaternary Science 24: 189-197.

Barton H. 2007. Starch residues on museum artefacts: implications for determining tool use. Journal of Archaeological Science 34: 1752-1762.

Barton H and Paz V. 2007. Subterranean diets in the tropical rainforest of Sarawak, Malaysia.  In Denham TP, Iriarte J and Vrydaghs L. (eds) Rethinking Agriculture: Archaeological and ethnoarchaeological perspectives. One World Archaeology. California: Left Coast Press Inc.

Mercader J, Barton H, Gillespie J, Harris J, Kuhn S, Tyler R and Boesch C. 2007. 4300-year-old Chimpanzee Sites and the Origins of Percussive Stone Technology. Proceedings for the National Academy of Sciences, February 27, Vol. 104, No. 9: 3043-3048.

Torrence R and Barton H. (eds). 2006. Ancient Starch Research. California: Left Coast Press Inc.

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