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About Us:

Cultural Production and Consumption (CP&C) was formed in 2010, originally as a research theme within the Department of Media and Communication. In July 2016, CP&C was incorporated as a research strand of CAMEo: the Research Institute for Cultural and Media Economies. With a long-standing commitment to collaboration and interdisciplinarity, CP&C is a hub for a range of projects and events that explore how cultural goods, practices and values are constructed, negotiated, contested and promoted by institutions, groups and individuals.

Upcoming CP&C Projects and Events:

Craft Cultures, 8-11 November 2016

For full details, please see the CAMEo website.

Craft Cultures is a week of events exploring the contemporary significance of craft. Such an exploration is linked to an appreciation of the increasing visibility and currency of objects made in traditional or non-mechanized ways, from the handmade crafts on Etsy to the ever-changing selections of craft beers in micropubs. More fundamentally, the significance of craft is bound up in ideas and ideals of craft as skillfulness and the power of ingenuity, the transformative potential of pleasure in making, and the desire and satisfaction associated with doing things well. At the same time, celebratory discussions of craft require a critical examination of the limitations and cooptation of craft’s radical potential within hegemonic systems of production and consumption, and of the difficult realities of making a living through craft and reviving craft skills in everyday life.

Craft Cultures events are intended for a broad audience: researchers, teachers, students, makers, artists and practitioners whose personal and professional interests intersect with issues of creativity, artisanal production, creative industries and micro-enterprise, sustainability, and craft as object and practice. Please join us!

Programme of Events

Tuesday 8 November

  • Making a Living from Craft: Workshop with Ruth Singer. This workshop aimed at students (and interested staff) explores aspects of employability in the creative sector, and will include a hands-on engagement activity. (3-4pm, University of Leicester; Fielding Johnson First Floor Law Dept LR L67. Participation is limited to 30 on a first come, first served basis.)

Wednesday 9 November

  • Contemporary Crafts and Textiles: Research Networking Event, coordinated by Jessica Bain. This event brings together researchers interested in aspects of crafts and textiles in the contemporary context, including sewing, dressmaking, knitting, crocheting, as well as (micro) craft enterprises, craftivism, historical craft research, craft groups and communities in a digital context. (10-4pm, at College Court, University of Leicester. Participation is limited to invited participants; to find out more please contact Jessica Bain.)

Thursday 10 November

  • Craftivism: Talk and Workshop with Sarah Corbett of the Craftivist Collective. The public talk (12-1, University of Leicester Astley Clarke Lecture Theatre 110 Ground Floor), open to all, will explore the use of craft as a tool for activism and social justice and will highlight some of Sarah’s many exciting craftivist projects. The workshop (limited to 15 places) will explore the use of craftivism in relation to gender equality in the workplace and will provide the participants with the tools needed to launch their own successful craftivist campaigns (2-5pm, at CAMEo, 7 Salisbury Road, University of Leicester.) (Registration via Eventbrite for the workshop.)

Friday 11 November

  • Craft Drinks: Research Networking Event, coordinated by Jennifer Smith Maguire. This one day interdisciplinary event brings together researchers interested in the production and consumption of craft drinks—including but not limited to natural wine, craft beer, traditional cider and small batch spirits. Participants will consider the meaning of ‘craft and the artisanal’ within the context of their research, identify shared areas of interest, and explore opportunities for future collaboration. (10-4pm, College Court, University of Leicester. Participation is limited to invited participants; to find out more please contact Jennifer Smith Maguire.)

Food Research Salon

The University of Leicester's Research and Enterprise Division is hosting a 'Food Research Salon' (22 November; 12-2pm). The Salon will feature speakers from a range of disciplines across the University who are conducting food-related research, and will include CP&C research on local food and craft beer.

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