Cultural Production and Consumption

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The CP&C Research Group brings together scholars from a range of disciplines who are interested in processes of cultural production and consumption: how cultural goods, practices and values are constructed, negotiated, contested and promoted by institutions, groups and individuals. With an interest in studying production and consumption 'in the round,' CP&C research is multi-disciplinary and embraces a variety of methodologies. Central concerns include:

  • cultural producers and cultural intermediaries (e.g. in the fields of food and wine)
  • consumer media and spaces (e.g. lifestyle media; advertising; brands)
  • the production and consumption of value and cultural forms (e.g. authenticity; localness; new and obsolete media)
  • consumers and consumer issues
  • cultural policy and regulation.

The group is co-directed by Jennifer Smith Maguire and Natasha Whiteman.

CP&C Projects and Events:

The Question of ‘Alternatives’ within Food and Drink Markets and Marketing

Call for papers: Special Issue of the Journal of Marketing Management. The closing date for submission is 31 May 2016.

Relevant contributions include but are not limited to such topics as:
•How are alternative food/drink markets and market practices represented through marketing communications?
•How are alternative food/drink markets performed by market actors?
•How is marketing understood and practiced within alternative food/drink markets, and how does this compare with conventional marketing practices?
•How is the relationship between ‘alternative’ and ‘mainstream’ food/drink markets articulated, negotiated and contested?
•What does a marketing as practice approach offer to the study of alternative food/drink markets?

Please see the call for papers for details, including contact details for the editors.

Sustainable Production and Consumption in Food and Fashion: Management and Social Science as Agents of Innovation.

This one-day workshop (24 September 2015) was organized by Jennifer Smith Maguire and Maria Touri, and was made possible through funding from the Society for the Advancement of Management Studies and the University of Leicester's School of Management and Department of Media and Communication.

Sustainability presupposes a balance between peoples’ present and future needs, and environmental and social capacity to meet those needs, and this sits in awkward tension with the global capitalist regimes of production and consumption. Food and fashion are critical examples of this tension. Despite high-profile campaigns around sustainable, ethical and organic consumer goods, it is still the case that 1.2 million tonnes of clothing and textile waste, and 18 million tonnes of food waste end up in UK landfills each year. Sustainability requires innovative changes in the ways producers and consumers think about and act on needs and desires. For this reason, the workshop’s overarching aim was to foster participatory communication: a critical, collaborative and multi-perspectival approach to understanding and changing dominant meanings and practices around sustainability in the food and fashion markets. Read about the event here and here, and watch the keynote presentations from Kate Fletcher, Steffen Böhm, Ian Cook and Mike Goodman.

Innovation through storytelling: Brewery SMEs and the production of added value through stories (2014/15)

The small-scale, microbrewery/craft beer/real ale market has been steadily gaining prominence in recent years. A CP&C group investigated how that market is being constructed by the breweries: how small-scale, independent brewers craft a distinctive identity—for their company and beer—and understand their place in the beer market. We used the concept of ‘stories’ as a way to frame the research: what stories are told within the brewery, between breweries, to customers, and between customers, and what role do those stories play in the making of a market. The research was funded by the ‘Innovation Partnership’ scheme (part funded by the European Regional Development Fund, and by the University of Leicester). You can read about the findings here. Research team: Jessica Bain; Andrea Davies; Jennifer Smith Maguire; Maria Touri; Natasha Whiteman.

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Interested in doing a PhD?

Members of the research group are interested in supervising research that considers issues of cultural production and consumption. Please follow the links to individual members' web pages for an indication of areas of interest.

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