Research at the College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology

We pride ourselves on the world-class status of research across the College. Very successful collaborations between academics and health professionals, locally, nationally and internationally ensure we excel in our pursuit of excellence in biomedical research. At Leicester we engage in profound scientific discovery; for example the incredible development of DNA fingerprinting by Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys and groundbreaking translational research through the award of three NIHR Biomedical Research Units and a CRUK Cancer Centre.

Our research covers a broad spectrum of biomedical science with exceptional strength in our research areas:


[Lead: Professor Catrin Pritchard and Professor Karen Brown]
Cancer research activity is now encompassed within the new Cancer Research UK Leicester Centre.


[Lead: Nilesh Samani]

Diabetes Research Centre

[Leads: Professor Melanie Davies and Professor Khamlesh Khunti


[Lead: Professor Mark Jobling]

Microbial Sciences

[Leads: Dr Julie Morrissey and Professor Marco Oggioni]

Molecular and Cell Biology

[Professor John Challiss]

Neuroscience, Psychology and Behaviour

[Lead: Professor Ian Forsythe]

Health Science

[Lead: Professor Graham Martin]


[Lead: Professor Dave Cousins]


[Lead: Professor Nigel Brunskill]                                

We continue to attract new research grants and awards, new colleagues, partnerships with the NHS, industry and the public sector. Our annual research income is in excess of £30 million. We have a substantial population of postgraduate students and research staff.

We are making significant investment in a new Centre for Medicine Building; scheduled for completion in September 2015. This will provide the next step in cutting edge provision for our staff and students.

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For further information contact the College Director of Research, Professor Andrew Fry or the Assistant Registrar, Miss Anna Harding


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