Staff list

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Director and Core Group

Dr Alexander Korb Director (on leave)
Modern European History
Dr Paul Moore Modern European History 2816
Dr Fransiska Louwagie
School of Modern Languages 2684
Professor Aubrey Newman Honorary Associate Director (Emeritus) 2804
Dr Svenja Bethke Lecturer in Modern European History 5138
Dr Sarah Hodgkinson Senior Lecturer in Criminology 5777
Dr Stan Neal Teaching Fellow in Colonial/Global History 2449
Dr Elke Schwarz Lecturer in International Politics 2708
Dr Victoria Stewart Twentieth-Century Literature 2634
Dr Martin Stern MD (retired)

Associate Members

Dr Rabah Aissaoui School of Modern Languages 2686
Dr Larissa Allwork Honorary Associate Fellow
Dr Viv Golding School of Museum Studies 3975
Dr Jovan Byford Psychologie (Open University)
Professor Yvonne Jewkes Department of Criminology 5705
Dr Janet Marstine School of Museum Studies 3971
Dr Victoria Stewart School of English 2634
Dr Simona Storchi School of Modern Languages 2654

Advisory Board

Professor Donald Bloxham University of Edinburgh
Professor Christopher Browning UNC Chapel Hill
Professor Elizabeth Harvey University of Nottingham
Professor Dan Stone Royal Holloway, University of London
Professor Chris Szejnmann Loughborough University
Dr Anton Weiss-Wendt HL Senteret Oslo

Honorary Associate Members



  • Ruth David
  • Dr Olaf Jensen
  • Dr Irina Marin
  • Dr Caroline Sharples

  • PhD Students

    Thomas Mckay (graduated 2012)
    Stefanie Rauch (graduated 2015)
    Christina Winkler (graduated 2016)
    Anna Scanlon
    Josh Cohen

    Namak Khoshnaw
    Nadine Tauchner

    Student Volunteers Supervisor

    Emma Roberts 7457
    Lauren Parsons
    7457 Research Assistance

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    News in the Centre

    A public lecture will be given by Dr Alex Korb, at USC Shoah Foundation-The Institute for Visual History and Education on Thursday, April 20, 2017 - 4.00pm: 'Collaborators: Exploring Participation in the Holocaust by Non-Germans in Eastern Europe'

    You can listen to Dr Alex Korb and his students at BBC Radio Leicester [beginning at 24:40] promoting the Student Exhibition - War Time Photography Launched on 22 March 2017, David Wilson Library Reading Room